noturavrgejo (noturavrgejo) wrote,

the best profile ever.

me and alaina's entire relationship summed up in on amazing profile by laina herself:

slealth. pancakes. meh. god only knows. garden state trailer. nemesis. bracelets. the future husband. love actually. adam lipinski. disney songs. it was rudy. oc. you can call me grandpa. holy fuck. pandas. toxic. watching clay aiken videos. belgian not german. kangaroos can jump 30 ft because they have springs. les hobbits. chickentastic. roswell. six degrees. igby. shabbat shalom. grill it up and eat it. holla. boys suck. sweet. poke. an impossibly large bird falling off that wall. my hopes are so high. the luckiest. every moment red letter. fuckface. connecticut surprise we suck. driving in the worst rain of all time. panera. let go. united we're unstoppable but divided people get shot.
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